Community in a Time of Pandemic

COMMUNITY is the theme for this week’s GenderFunk #dragorphanage inspired Look Challenge. First of all…I’m amazed, floored, incredibly inspired by the creativity, polish, and profound storytelling each and every one of these looks is serving. I’m so blessed to have such a talented, strong community of friends in Vietnam, both from the north and the south, including […]

What Teaching has Taught Me

I’m not going to sugarcoat things. What teaching has taught me most of all is that I don’t like teaching. Don’t get me wrong; teaching can be rewarding, fulfilling, even fun. There are moments of lightness and joy sprinkled into most lessons that, I think, are what make teaching worthwhile to many career educators. There […]

Một Năm Mười Tháng

People often ask me how long I plan to stay in Vietnam. I know that when I first arrived, in my mind I thought maybe 10 months. Ten months came and went, and by then I had signed onto a year contract at my second job here. The contract ended, I’ve done some traveling, and […]